Moms Over Miles

Chicago Cleaning Services have been designed to help mothers who are

business travelers
military women
noncustodial mothers
airline pilots
airline stewardesses
professional athletes
musicians/entertainers actors
corporate executives
any other mothers who have to be away from their children

to maintain and strengthen the relationships they have with their children while they are away.

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Relationships with children are much like plants, they need constant nourishing. At home, this type of nourishment comes easily through the activities and time spent with your children. However, when you are away this becomes more difficult to do.

This is why we have built this website for long distance mothers. It takes a lot of time and effort to think of fun and creative activities that you can do at a distance with your children. And extra time isn't something that a lot of us have. We hope you will use these activities and share the additional activities that you do with your children. We can then post the activities on our site for the benefit of other long distance mothers.

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We know how hectic life can be in the middle of the week. Sometimes the last thing on your mind is nurturing the relationships with your children who are at a distance. This is why we are offering a free e-mail reminding service. Each Wednesday we will send you a quick reminder to do one of the long distance activities that day for your child. In addition, we will send a suggestion or two that usually takes 5 minutes or less to complete. If you are interested please sign up.

For a few examples from the e-mail service visit our sample e-mail activities page.

Book Description

120 activities that long distance moms can do to help strengthen and maintain relationships with their children when they have to be away from them.

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The National Institute for Building Long Distance Relationships is dedicated to developing products to help people strengthen their long distance relationships and to conducting research on long distance relationships.

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